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Course content is informed by teenagers and updated annually.

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The DAP program consists of over 15 short courses designed to help teenagers navigate through their online world.

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Links to recognised sites

Many courses have links to videos on external websites, such as YouTube, that reinforce or enhance the message of the course.

Any order of timing

Each course is a stand alone artefact. A school can choose the sequence and also the timing of release of courses.

Short and sweet

Courses can take under 40 minutes to complete and will integrate into most programs in a way that suits the school’s learning environment.

Designed for teenagers

The courses are designed to appeal to a teenage audience. Visually appealing, interactive and thought provoking.


Five courses related to ownership on the internet (click the arrow).

Passwords 101

A password is the first line of defence against unwanted online attention.

Copyright 101

Who owns content and when can it be used legally?

Unlocking the URL

How to read a website address to reduce the risk of visiting untrustworthy websites.

Website credibility

How to assess a website to safeguard against inaccurate information.

Terms of service

What are you agreeing to when you visit a website?


Six courses related to ethical behaviour on the internet (click the arrow).

Snap, Record, Share

What are the ethcial issues associated with sharing photographs?

Online sharing

Information and comments are difficult to control once posted online.

Cyberbullying 101

Cyberbullies thrive behind the safety of the keyboard.

Behind the masks

Some people hide their malicious online behaviour.

Abusive behaviour

Abusive behaviour can have a serious negative impact.

Line in the sand

What is the responsibility of someone who witnesses online harassment?


Six courses related to personal engagement on the internet (click the arrow).

Birth of the internet

The technology that only took twenty years to revolutionise modern life.

Birth of the web

The invention of instant global communication accessible to everyone.

Email 101

It is easy to upset someone unwittingly by not using good email practices.

Staying connected

Continuous online connectedness may have negative consequences.

Screen time

It is healthy to balance screen time with offline activities.


It can take effort to avoid online distractions and stay in control of your time.