DAP Team

The DAP Team is made up of of teachers, students and industry experts who work together towards a common mission: to reach humans and help them understand that online choices matter.

Students take on the roles of researchers, creatives, AV specialists, public relations and promotions managers.


Build your own version of the team

Build a team who are motivated to help build awareness around the online world.

What: The DAP team is really a marketing team (or a change management team)

Why: help connect their fellow students with the underpinning messages of the program.


  • Present on assembly
  • Host open-mic sessions with year levels
  • Visit home classes
  • Post articles in the newsletter
  • Run parent information evenings
  • Organise activities for Safer Internet Day and RUOK day
  • Organise Dot Day
  • Contribute to school committees
  • Create promotional material
  • Whatever works for your environment


Everyone is equal

This is a key component to making the team work. Age is not a factor. Everyone works together towards a common goal and every voice matters.

Clear Goals

You need clear and measurable goals for what you want to accomplish as a team.

Rome wasn’t built in a day…


If team members don’t feel respected, they won’t be motivated to bring their best ideas and their best selves.

Know your audience

Staying connected with those in your community and being aware of their trends and online habits is how you will best be able to support them. 

Remember your mission

Don’t lose sight of why you have built a team in the first place. You’re there to help spread the message that online choices matter, in a way that is engaging and fun.

Have Fun!

If your team isn’t enjoying themselves don’t be afraid to press the reset button and have a group chat about how to get the team back on track.

Finding the RIGHT mix

Believe it or not, digital citizenship isn’t the easiest sell when first forming a team in a school or organisation.

The trick is to find the right people and deliver the key messages in a way that is engaging and relevant to the group you are trying to educate.

The more people from your target audience who are in the group…the more likely it is to succeed.

Here are some suggestions from the DAP Team on how to build an effective team that can get the job done!

Find your CHAMPION

 Like any new initiative, when first building a team, it will take some planning and coordination. Your champion is someone who is going to lead the charge. 

It could be someone really passionate about the online world – a teacher, a senior – a person who is really good at bringing people together.

HARD SELL buy-in

A hard sell is a person or group who is likely to challenge the initiative. These are the people who could make or break your team.

Believe it or not, these people make the most valuable members. Recruiting them can be tricky but it can be done.

Recruiting tip: Don’t be too eager. Let it happen organically. Try inviting them (1-on-1 or a group) to get their advice on an engaging topic (social media, screen time, and gaming are usually winners).

They will see the value in what you are building and become part of the team by contributing their thoughts and ideas.

Team Rules

Having a set of rules will help unite the team. The trick is to create the rules AFTER the first team is assembled. This way, members have a say in how their team operates. 

Every team will have its own set of rules. Here are some of the formal and informal rules that the Hillbrook DAP Team has developed over the years.

Once a member of the DAP Team, always a member of the DAP Team. Some members are just active at different times.

We understand that members get busy and priorities shift. Team contributions will fluctuate over time and therefore there is no pressure to attend meetings or participate in every activity.

All contributions are valued – past, present & future.


  • Once a person has attended 3 DAP Meetings, they are part of the Team
  • Information shared among team members is confidential, unless clearly stated otherwise. 
  • Behaviour within the group must remain mature, ethical, and positive.
  • All ideas, and group members, are to be respected and treated equally and fairly.

Miriam Scott

Boss Of All Things


Wizard of Lightbulb Moments


Vibe Manager


Culture King


Champion of the Sun


Swiss Army Knife


Marketing Rockstar


Social Solutionist


Copy Cruncher


Logic Gate


Inspiration Cultivator


Potion Master


Ambassador of Buzz


Dream Alchemist


Digital Prophet

DAP Media

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