Digital Life Survey

The Survey informs our content and provides us with current statistics about the online behaviour of today’s teenagers.


Identify they've been recently harassed online


Admit to being worried about their screen time


Say their parents don't know what they do online


Admit they use the same password for everything


Admit their parents don't know what they do online




2022 Digital Life Survey for Secondary Schools – runs in Term 4.

Questions in the survey relate to relevant online issues such as cyberbullying, screen time, online behaviour, reading the fine print and permission to post.

Schools that take part in this year’s survey will receive:

    • Whole school snapshot
    • Year-level specific snapshots
    • Gender snapshots
    • De-identified aggregated results of all participants

Frequently Asked Questions

How would students access the portal?

A link (specific to each school) is provided to schools to send to their students. Each school has its own survey.

What identifying information are you collecting?
  • Year level
  • Gender
  • School
How is student completion tracked during the survey?

Weekly updates will be communicated with each school regarding the completion of the survey. The survey is designed to be open for 3-4 weeks, but this can be extended or shortened on request.

Which year levels participate in the survey?

The Digital Life Survey is designed for students in Year 7-11 and is conducted in Term 4. 

Are we able to tailor some questions in the survey?

No. The survey needs to have the same set of questions for all schools to obtain the big picture data, but adding school-specific questions will be possible. Schools can add additional questions if they wish.

How will school data be protected?

Schools that participate in the survey will not be identified in the aggregated results. The survey is collected through a secured form protected through Google for Education. Google has strong security systems in place to keep personal information secure, including an encrypted HTTPS connection.

How much is it to participate in the survey?

It is $250 per school to participate in the survey.
Schools that sign up for the All Access Pass participate for FREE.

Stay tuned for timelines

of the 2022 Digital Life Survey

The Survey is run during Term 4. Once we know your school’s nominated contact person, then all communication is with them.

    1. Hillbrook staff contact you to answer questions and arrange deployment of the survey link to your students.
    2. You receive feedback about the participation rate of your students before the closure date.
    3. The questionnaire stays open for about a month.
    4. Data is analysed and results sent to your nominated contact.