Yes, we are keen to spread the word. Bring the Digital Access Pass to your students.

These courses have been designed for schools to download and use in their own digital citizenship program.

Zip files ready for upload

The student courses are available in SCORM 2004 (4th edition) ready for upload into an LMS. They can also be supplied in xAPI, cmi5 or AICC.

No price per user

There is a published price per course. Once a course is activated in an LMS, then it may by used by any number of students.

Flexibility to integrate

A school has maximum flexibility to use the course/s as suits their context and it is a cost effective way to test the fit with the learning environment.

Permanent use

A course can be used for as long as a school finds it of use and they may change the way it is deployed at any time.

How it works

FAQs for schools

Can we just buy one course?

Absolutely. You can purchase more at a later date, if you wish – or an All Access Pass.

We don't have an LMS. Will these files still works?

These files types are designed for installation in a Learning Management System. They are NOT suitable for upload to a normal website.

Is there help available for installation?

Every LMS has its own approach to importing, uploading  and installing zip files. The best person to assist is the person who knows how your specific LMS functions.

Are we able to get a refund?

These are digital products, which means they can be deployed the moment they are downloaded and able to be used. If you have a problem installing the courses, contact us to see if we can assist.

Are we able to make changes to the content?

Think of these courses like a book. They cannot be edited once they are published.